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We believe that anything can be made at least 20% more profitable by using insights from data. Lectures address key challenges when dealing with data and analysis of it, straight to practical approach with real industry examples, providing step-by-step case studies on how to achieve 80% results with 20% of effort.


People learn by imitating, and workshops allow for more tightly packed feedback loop providing skillset and source code to help solve real problems. We provide all the boilerplate work and professional guidance in order for you to be able to concentrate on understanding the core ideas.


If you are seeking for guidance on how to build your data analysis pipelines, how to structure your data or you are sitting on piles of unused database tables, contact us and we will find solutions that save time and drive revenue.


Meet our team

Taivo Pungas

Data Scientist & Speaker

Taivo is extremely data-driven with a strong technical background focusing on Machine Learning. He enjoys hacking and optimising stuff, including himself. His biggest strength is taking complex data through analysis and visualisation in order to make decisions.

Karin Kruup

Operations & Marketing

Karin was born with an innate ability to understand people and connect with them. She understands customer relations, community building and effective leadership on much deeper level than most people working on the field. She is a passionate organiser and planner.

Joonatan Samuel

Data Engineer & Speaker

Joonatan is the kind of person who dreams in code while gradually automating all of the work he is doing. He has years of practical experience using data analysis and machine learning in real life. He can solve complex problems quickly, and he can teach others to do so as well.

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